South Korean prosecutor drew the wife of the former Minister

     2019-10-26    views
China News Service, Seoul, October 21 (Reporter Zeng Wei) "Cao Guo Incident" continues to ferment in Korea. The South Korean prosecutor said on the 21st that the court was asked to arrest the former Minister of Justice, Cao Guo’s wife Zheng Moumou.
Cao Guo was appointed as the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Korea in September this year. However, due to media reports that his daughter was suspected of falsifying documents and family members were suspected of investing in private equity funds to avoid taxation, there was a huge public opinion storm. For more than a month, the people have continuously organized large-scale assembly activities to protest. On October 14, Cao announced his resignation.
On October 21, the Central District Prosecutor's Office of Seoul invited the court to arrest Cao Guo's wife Zheng Moumou. The prosecution alleged that Zheng was suspected of helping his children to falsify materials and participate in private equity funds, alleging that they were suspected of obstructing the prosecution’s execution of official duties, abolishing evidence, and embezzling public funds.
Previously, Zheng had been sued for allegedly forging a daughter's award certificate, but she denied the allegations. At the beginning of October, the South Korean prosecutor filed a petition against the brother of Cao Guo, but was rejected by the court.
The Korean public opinion has been arguing over the resignation of Cao Guo and the investigation of his family. Supporters believe that Cao Guo is the promoter of the Korean prosecutorial system reform, and the prosecution has "over-investigated" it. However, opponents believe that the incident exposed the dual attitude of South Korean officials "before the predecessors" and the ruling party should reflect.
Cao Guo was regarded as the "heart" of South Korean President Wen Zai. After Cao Guo resigned, Wen Zai said that he apologized for the controversy.