Japanese media: countries discuss the basic strategy of inte

     2019-10-15    views
 BEIJING, Oct. 15 (Xinhuanet) According to Japan’s Kyodo News, on October 14th, local time, in response to high-radioactive nuclear waste generated by nuclear power plants, countries held a conference to strengthen international cooperation in Paris, France, and plans to develop them in 2020. Related strategies.
According to reports, Japan and other countries plan to formulate basic strategies for international cooperation in the spring of 2020, and summarize relevant cases.
Relevant parties reaffirmed the importance of international cooperation at the meeting and stated that “the cooperation in the final treatment (nuclear waste) technology was implemented before, but the international discussion on the way to promote the policy is not sufficient”. The parties also exchanged views on the way in which the nuclear waste disposal site selected work and the national dialogue.
The person in charge of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan said that he would like to use the results of the 2020 spring collection for the selection of nuclear waste disposal sites in Japan.
It is reported that at the G20 meeting of ministers of energy and environment held in June 2019, Japan called on countries to strengthen cooperation on this issue, and the parties agreed to start the meeting.