Was the phone conversation with the President "crazy"? Mr Tr

     2019-10-10    views

Chinanews.com, October 10 US President Donald trump has said the whistleblower's claim that his phone conversation with Ukrainian President oleksandr zelensky was "crazy, scary and vague about national security issues" is a lie, foreign media reported.

As the New York times reported earlier, the whistleblower said a White House staffer had listened to the conversation between trump and zelensky, calling it "crazy and scary."
"The whistleblower, who did not know the exact transcript of the call I was about to release, said my phone conversation with the President of Ukraine was crazy, scary and vague about national security," trump said. This is a big lie. Read the transcript."
He also stressed that the conversation with zellenski had been "very good" and that the whistleblower should apologize to him and "stop the ridiculous impeachment."
In August, a whistleblower said trump had pressed Ukrainian President vladimir zerensky during a phone call to investigate biden and his son and threatened $400 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine. Then the phone-in scandal rocked America. Democrats accuse trump of abusing his power for personal gain and seeking foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election. Speaker of the house of representatives Nancy pelosi announced on September 24 that the house would open an impeachment investigation against trump.
Trump immediately denied all the allegations, calling it a "witch hunt" against him. Zerensky responded the next day, saying, "I am the President of an independent country, and no one can pressure me." The impeachment proceedings against trump are ongoing.