Where is happiness? (3) the main artery of the republic.

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The moment you came into the world
You begin to participate in the operation of thousands of network systems on the earth
Whether you can see or not
They give you every glass of water you drink
Every kilowatt hour of electricity
Every piece of information is there
People's lives run on these networks
We call it the aorta.
Where is happiness
"Where is happiness: the engine driving life" is a high-definition documentary jointly produced by the press center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Beijing hualu new media information technology co., ltd. and tencent video, celebrating the 98th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The documentary is an epitome of the major projects undertaken by state-owned enterprises at home and abroad. It focuses on the relationship between major projects and ordinary people and ordinary families, and shows how they have become an important part of people's happy life.
East China has had frequent trade and population since ancient times. Although only 8 percent of China's land area is occupied by 30 percent of China's population, it is an important part of the country's economic development. They say that far water does not quench thirst, but efforts are under way to dispel that belief in the desert, 3,200 kilometers to the northwest.
It took 13 years for the Chinese people to finally realize the huge power project with the highest voltage level and the longest transmission distance in the history of human development, which is changji to guquan ±1100 kv ultra-high voltage transmission project.
The core components of the substation are installed in this hall, and six converter valves are tightly wrapped in a dust cover. Thyristor is one of the most core components. It is the component that can pass the maximum current, which can be realized by human till now. It is completely independently designed
This is the highest voltage level and the longest transmission distance in China and the world. The purpose of this project is to bring the energy of xinjiang together and turn it into electricity, which will be transmitted to the other end of the diagonal of China's territory, guquan in anhui province, at the speed of zero delay.
In just one year, 50,000 workers built 3,549 500-kilovolt high-voltage towers on the qinghai-tibet plateau, which has been called the world's most dangerous project -- the tibet-china interconnection project. This project marks the formation of a 500-kilovolt backbone network in Tibet, marking the beginning of an era of ultra-high voltage.
The completion of the project means that the qinghai-tibet and sichuan-tibet interconnection projects are officially connected. With sufficient water conservancy in Tibetan areas in summer, extra power can be supplied to the inland areas. In the dry season in winter, inland power will also be supplied to Tibet.
Today he will drive to sanhe village in zhaojue county, more than 100 kilometers away from xichang, deep in the mountains.
Liangshan zhaojue county, yi people living for generations. Its purple, yellow and brown soil and mild subtropical monsoon climate have allowed a unique potato to grow here for 400 years. Rich starch content, taste sweet sweet waxy, at the same time, the appearance is colorful, this is the reason why liu an tread iron shoes.
This is the first time that colorful potatoes from zhaojue county have stepped out of the mountains and been delivered to your table via the Internet during the next two months of harvest season from yi villagers. Norway's alba fish, Chile's cherries and New Zealand's kiwi can all be as close as you can get. And that series of jobs eventually turns into browsing the page, appearing on every consumer's phone screen.
Shanghai, another cargo center opened. The center covers an area of more than 28,955 square meters, equivalent to 69 basketball courts. In the future, more than 80,000 pieces of goods are stored every day and then quickly transferred around the world.
When people are busy on the land every day, the sky ten thousand meters away from us is not idle. Every day, 130,000 planes fly around the world, delivering goods thousands of miles away to you in the shortest time. Everything from a whale to a letter is attached to this massive, dense transport system.