Brush your face to pay for smart navigation. You want the co

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You don't need to bring a mobile phone, don't need to bring money, don't need to bring a card, you can pass the subway by brushing your face; you can pass the integrated intelligent security gate, you can realize the ticketing and security check; the station loses direction or finds the restroom, etc. Scan the station QR code to achieve in-station navigation...
Recently, the Smart Metro Demonstration Station was officially launched on the Guangzhou Metro Line 3, the APM Line Guangzhou Tower Station and the Tianhe Smart City Station on Line 21, aiming to make passengers safer, more convenient and smarter.
Fast completion of face recognition in 300 milliseconds
Entering the entrance of Guangzhou Tower Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 3, the original glass ticket booth disappeared and replaced by the 360° ring-shaped intelligent customer service center.
According to the staff, the new online intelligent customer service center includes manual mode and self-service mode. Even if the subway customer service personnel temporarily leave, passengers can self-service information consultation, service appointment, ticket exception handling, invoice issuing and other services in the intelligent customer service center. When the operation status of the subway changes, the system will automatically identify the affected passenger groups and accurately inform them of the information.
In addition to the intelligent customer service center, brush face over the gate, no sense of payment, in Guangzhou Tower Station has also taken the lead in online use. After registering the personal information and binding the payment method, the reporter will point the face to the screen in front of the gate of the APM line Guangzhou Tower Station, and the gate will open immediately.
According to the staff, the four face recognition gates on the newly-launched Guangzhou Tower station are based on the real-name account, and link the biometrics with the account to form an account system integrating cards, codes and faces. Based on AI technology, Face recognition is completed within 300 milliseconds and fast passes.
In addition, the newly upgraded intelligent side door of Guangzhou Tower Station, based on face recognition and finger vein recognition technology, provides convenient access and exit functions for special passengers and authorized employees of the station, and enhances the free channel self-service experience. After the special passengers register in the station's intelligent terminal or the "Guangzhou Metro" APP real name, they can use the face recognition or finger vein recognition self-service through the smart side door, no need to arrange the staff to be on duty, greatly improving the efficiency of the subway operation.
Security check and ticketing are completed at one time without specific cooperation
There are more and more passengers in the subway. How to solve the efficiency and safety problems that are difficult to balance in the traditional security inspection mode? The smart security system solution gives the answer. The security ticketing machine is an innovative attempt to integrate security and ticketing on the basis of ensuring safety and convenience.
Compared with the previous security check, and then into the gate, now passengers have passed the security check-in machine, they can go directly to the subway, without any specific cooperation throughout the security gate.
Is this security safe? The reporter learned that the security door can basically realize the detection of contraband on the passengers on the basis of excluding the daily portable metal items carried by the passengers, and display them in the form of pictures and texts on the top of the screen to generate alarm information records to the background management system. It is convenient for metro management personnel to collect statistics and analysis.
How is the ticketing function implemented? On the basis of diversified payment, the all-in-one machine captures passenger tag characteristics through bio-face recognition detection equipment, and combines the passenger “portrait” information base to realize passengers' non-inductive payment, and the ticketing equipment is gradually virtualized to fully realize the passenger travel process. The identity is not sensitive to intelligent identification, and the background automatically completes the series of ticketing operations, achieving a multi-faceted, convenient and integrated ticketing service.
According to the relevant person in charge, the intelligent security inspection system simplifies the inbound process for passengers in addition to the experience of collecting multiple ticketing and face recognition. For the subway operators, the smart security inspection system establishes a security inspection information management cloud platform, realizes the equipment management and personnel management of the subway line network level and site level security inspection professional, and simultaneously opens the AFC system to improve the passenger safety "portrait", and Public security system information exchange, greatly improving security.
Smart Metro has a developed "brain" to support
Cai Changjun, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Metro Group, introduced that the smart subway demonstration station adopts an iteratively updated orbital intelligent operating system to realize holographic sensing precision service, efficient and safe operation guarantee, equipment intelligent diagnosis and health management, and improve service quality and operation and maintenance efficiency. Operational efficiency and operational safety.
The reporter learned that the smart subway demonstration project, with the construction of “one platform + four applications (integrated information release, passenger flow intelligent guidance, smart security, smart station service)”, realizes cross-border integration of emerging technologies and operational realities, with rail transit The smart operating system Sui Teng OS is an extension medium, accelerating the digital transformation, intelligent upgrade and smart extension of the rail transit industry.
In the smart city demonstration station, the smart metro platform, based on the micro-service architecture design, has created an open ecosystem that supports iterative development and business application innovation, from the edge platform, technology middle platform, business middle platform, data center station, AI. Taiwan and smart applications.
“All data can be transmitted to the 'brain' of the subway in real time for intelligent analysis, and the results of the analysis can be used for intelligent decision-making or presented to the operator as a basis for decision-making.” Academician of the National Academy of Engineering of Singapore, Vice President of Jiadu Technology and Institute of Global Institute of Intelligent Technology Li Dezhen said that through the joint application of data communication and sensor network, three-dimensional visualization and virtual simulation, intelligent analysis and intelligent linkage, the multi-directional and cross-professional control of the station is completed, and the information level of the station is effectively improved. The connotation of station management, improve efficiency and service quality, and reduce operating costs.