The national football goalkeeper Zhang Lu was drunk and was

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On September 23rd, the People's Procuratorate of Hedong District of Tianjin Municipality filed a public prosecution against the Tianjin-Hebei District People's Court in accordance with the law on the case of the suspected dangerous driving of Zhang Hai in Tianjin.
Zhang Lu played in the Tianjin Tianhai Club of the Super League. In the previous 24-man list of the Maldives announced by the Chinese men's coach Lippi, Zhang Lu appeared in the goalkeeper column.
On the morning of the 21st, the Hedong Branch of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying that the public security traffic control department seized Zhang (male, 32-year-old, Tianjin native, a football club athlete in Tianjin) on the evening of the 18th, and was suspected of drunk driving.
On the afternoon of the 21st, Tianjin Tianhai Football Club issued a statement saying that after investigation, the player involved was Zhang Lu, the athlete of the club. The club announced that the player Zhang Lu was suspected of violating national laws and regulations, and that the violation of the team rules was not tolerated. He decided to make a penalty for suspension, suspension and suspension, and will follow the results of the subsequent judicial authorities. Further penalties were imposed on it.
Subsequently, the Chinese Football Association issued a decision on the punishment of the suspected illegal act of Tianjin Tianhai Club player Zhang Lu. The penalty decided to immediately cancel Zhang Lu’s training and competition qualifications for the Chinese national team and stop participating in all official football events organized by the Chinese Football Association. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to the progress of the case and will make further severe penalties based on the official processing results of the relevant departments.
The penalty decision also pointed out that Tianjin Tianhai Club players have repeatedly appeared in the past two years for illegal activities involving drunk driving of motor vehicles, which has a bad influence. The Chinese Football Association decided to criticize the Tianjin Tianhai Club, instructing the club to rectify its daily management and submit a rectification report to the Chinese Football Association. It is hoped that Tianjin Tianhai Club will further strengthen the management of players and regulate player behavior.