The fourth “Hainan Province·Vietnam Bright Line” clinic was

     2019-10-21    views
On the 21st, China’s “Hainan Province·Vietnam Guangming Tour” in the province of Kampong Cham, a local clinic, screened some patients locally and prepared for the complete free implementation of rehabilitation surgery.
Some local patients said that just a few days ago, when the doctor of our country seemed to have eye diseases, I was finally looking forward to it today. In the morning, more than 130 patients accepted the screening of our medical team.
According to Kang Baiying, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province, the theme event will be carried out side by side with the Vietnam Youth League Committee and will receive the full support of the government department of Vietnam Kompong Province. The theme event will strongly promote the relationship between the two countries. Traditional friendship and communication between the two peoples.
“Hainan Province·Vietnam Bright Line” kicked off in Vietnam in September 2016. The clinics were conducted in Kampong Cham province and Siem Reap province in Vietnam. A total of 2,487 Vietnamese patients were screened, and 543 cases of rehabilitation surgery were performed. The rate of surgical treatment was 100%. The organizers also donated 100% of the value to the local hospital clinic. 10,000 RMB medical devices.
Kang Baiying said that in the fourth clinic, the Hainan Provincial Medical Clinic has produced 64 boxes of medical devices and consumables, screening and surgical treatment for some patients. The clinic team consists of a variety of Chinese ophthalmologists with a variety of rehabilitation surgery. The excellent super-milk emulsion resection and artificial service eye crystal embedding technology is selected. The trauma is small, the repair is fast, and the foundation has no pain.
Yang Jun, an ophthalmologist at the Guangdong Eye Hospital, is the fifth time to sign up for a freelance clinic. Yang Jun said that every time the volunteer team is well prepared, it includes medical equipment and staff. According to Yang Jun, according to the screening of the majority of the day, it is found that some local prevalence rates are very high, and the difficulty of surgical treatment is also very large, but the previous work experience has the ability to carry out this theme activity.