The former us vice President Joe biden has spoken out for th

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Overseas network on October 10, due to the "telephone-gate" plot escalation, trump encountered impeachment crisis. Former us vice President Joe biden, one of the subjects of the phone call, voiced his support for the impeachment of Donald trump for the first time on September 9, saying that "he betrayed the country". Trump was quick to respond to biden's remarks, saying he had done nothing wrong.
"Based on what Donald trump has said and done, he is the one who denounced himself," biden told supporters at a campaign event in New Hampshire Wednesday, according to CBS and By obstructing justice and refusing to cooperate with congressional investigations, he has convicted himself before the world and the American people." He added, "trump has betrayed his oath, betrayed the country, and committed impeachable offenses." Biden's words were followed by applause from the audience.
Us media saw biden's remarks as a sign of his hardening position. The democratic presidential candidate, Joe biden, has previously been more moderate about impeaching trump than other Democrats, as much of the discussion was hostile to the bidens. But even so, biden's approval ratings have taken a beating in recent days. According to the latest poll, warren, who was in second place, has now caught up with biden.
In response to biden's remarks, trump also made the first response. In a post on social media, he accused the bidens of "ripping off at least two countries for millions of dollars and now calling for my impeachment when I have done nothing wrong."
In 2014, then-vice President Joe biden's son hunter was discharged from the navy reserve after testing positive for drugs. That same year, hunt became a director of Ukraine's bresma gas company. Mr. Hunt and others may be involved in about 15 criminal cases with bresma, Mr. Ruslanria boshapka, Ukraine's prosecutor general, recently disclosed. CNN said biden has strenuously denied any wrongdoing in any of his son's positions and said he did not discuss his son's business in Ukraine while he was vice President.
In August, a whistleblower said trump had pressed Ukrainian President vladimir zerensky during a phone call to investigate biden and his son and threatened $400 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine. Then the phone-in scandal rocked America. Democrats accuse trump of abusing his power for personal gain and seeking foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election. Speaker of the house of representatives Nancy pelosi announced on September 24 that the house would open an impeachment investigation against trump.
Trump immediately denied all the allegations, calling it a "witch hunt" against him. Zerensky responded the next day, saying, "I am the President of an independent country, and no one can pressure me." The impeachment proceedings against trump are ongoing.