The Yangtze river delta railway will see off 21.214 million

     2019-10-06    views
Hefei, Oct. 6 (lu ying guo wu LAN) China railway Shanghai bureau group co., LTD. 6 news, National Day holiday transport 8 days, the Yangtze river delta railway to send passengers 21.214 million person-times, year-on-year growth of 6.8%, 6 consecutive days over 2.6 million person-times.
National Day holiday, the Yangtze river delta railway tourism flow, visit family flow and other flows interweave and overlay, showing the trend of hot.
On October 5, China railway Shanghai bureau group co., LTD sent 2.692 million passengers, 244,000 passengers more than the same period last year, an increase of 10%.
On October 6, Yangtze river delta as the returning passenger flows railways ushered in the National Day holiday, passengers 2.78 million passengers, is expected to increase passenger train 274 columns, which increase the go to Beijing, wuhan and other long hot direction across the board through passenger train 47 columns, such as yellow, the beijing-shanghai, shanghai-nanjing, hangzhou ning an extra short direction administration at 04:38 passenger train 227 columns.
Yangtze river delta railway welcomes the return passenger flow peak. (photo by duan lili)
Yangtze river delta railway welcomes the return passenger flow peak. (photo by duan lili)
It is reported, National Day holiday, passenger flow of Yangtze river delta railway continues to maintain high situation, mainly concentrated in Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, hefei, xuzhou and other stations. China railway group Shanghai co., LTD., the implementation of the open engineering, further optimize the passenger train, waiting time, check-in, rides, the outbound flow, in 17 station 102 new self-help real-name authentication devices, 32 station 62 sets of new security device, 140 stations 362 new artificial verification channel cameras, convenient large passenger flow cases, quickly through the safety of the passengers.
The high-speed railway between hangzhou and huangshan, lianyungang and yancheng, which opened at the end of last year, has made it easier for tourists to travel to hefei, huangshan, hangzhou, nanjing, suzhou, wuxi and Shanghai, and boosted holiday tourism along the route.