In order to meet the travel needs of passengers, this year's

     2019-10-01    views
It was learned on September 28 that the transportation of the National Day Golden Week of this year will end from October 7 to October 7 for a total of 10 days. In this regard, Taiyuan South Station will adopt additional trains and EMUs to meet passenger travel needs.
During the National Day, Taiyuan South Station is expected to send more than 620,000 passengers, with an average daily income of more than 62,000. During the festival, the flow of tourists and the flow of visits are highly superimposed. The passenger flow in all directions of Taiyuan South Station is in a peak trend. It is expected that the single-day delivery volume will exceed 75,000 on October 1 and reach a new high.
In order to meet the passenger travel demand to the greatest extent, during the National Day Golden Week transportation period, Taiyuan South Station will continue to drive to the west of Beijing West, Shenyang North, Xi'an North, Chengdu East, Yuncheng North, Chongqing West, Tianjin West and other popular EMU trains. Implement re-transportation. The so-called reconnection is based on the original 8 cars, adding another 8 knots to 16 knots.
At the same time, according to the passenger flow situation, 9 pairs of EMU trains from Taiyuan South to Xi'an North, Tianjin West, Yongji North, Yuncheng North, Wenxi West, Pingyao Ancient City and Linyi West will be added, and Xi'an North and Chengdu East will be 2 For the recovery of the EMU, two pairs of EMUs to Linyi West and Yuncheng North will resume passenger business. During the National Day, Taiyuan South Station will add more than 130,000 capacity.
In addition, the railway department will also pay close attention to the holiday passenger flow. According to the pre-sale and growth of passenger flow, the re-elected trains will be taken and the trains will be opened to ease the peak of passenger flow.