Sports Lottery 2019 "Happy Playground" Henan Station kicked

     2019-09-27    views
Kaifeng, September 27th (Reporter Liu Peng) The "Public Welfare Fun Color Playground" brand public welfare activity created by the Sports Lottery Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, went to Henan Province in the central province on the 27th, and sent it to the children of Nozhuang Elementary School in Lankao County. The long-awaited sports equipment, sports facilities and "Happy Sports Classroom". With the opening of the first station in Henan, the number of rural schools in Henan will be donated in succession this year.
“Public Welfare Sports Lottery Playground” is a Chinese sports lottery brand public welfare activity launched by the State Sports General Administration Sports Lottery Management Center in 2012. It is mainly sent to remote and poor rural schools with lack of sports equipment and lack of physical education resources. Sports equipment, materials and public welfare physical education classes to cultivate children's health concepts and fitness awareness.
On the morning of the 27th, 2019 “Public Welfare Sports Fun Playground” entered the Yezhuang Primary School in Yifeng Township, Lankao County, which brought a variety of sports equipment to the children and brought the attention and love of the Chinese sports lottery to the children of Nozhuang Elementary School. . Wang Haixin, director of the Henan Sports Lottery Management Center, said at the donation ceremony on the same day that this year, Henan Province’s “Public Welfare Sports Fun” will donate to 25 elementary schools. Wang Haixin said that Lankao is the birthplace of the "Jiao Yulu Spirit", which is close to the people, loves the people, struggles hard, scientifically realistic, and overcomes difficulties. The Yizhuang Primary School of Yifeng Township in Lankao County is one of the donated schools. "We are honored to 'Public Welfare Fun Playground' is brought to the children here."
"The sports equipment in our school is limited. Today, the Sports Lottery Center of Henan Province has sent us some practical basic equipment for children's physical education such as football, table tennis, table tennis, basketball, gymnastics mats, as well as children's parallel bars and children's horizontal bars. Football facilities such as football gates." Liu Genwen, a teacher at Yezhuang Primary School in Yikou Township, Lankao County, said that this donation can be described as a charity. "We have solved our urgent needs. We must make good use of this equipment to bring colorful sports lessons to our students. ""
After the donation ceremony on the same day, the Henan Sports Lottery Center also brought “Happy Sports Classroom” to the children. On the playground of Nozhuang Elementary School, a wonderful martial arts class kicked off. The children were led by the instructor, and they were all like a gesture. The other side of the playground, the dynamic and aerobics class was carried out at the same time. With the music of passion, the children's faces are filled with a cheerful smile.
“Although it is only a short-term public welfare experience class, I hope to bring more happiness to the children, so that the seeds that love sports will take root and grow in the young minds of the children.” From the provincial capital Zhengzhou The lecturer who came here said.
It is reported that Henan, as a populous province, has launched a donation campaign for “Public Welfare Sports Fun Park” since 2013. In the past six years, it has sent sports equipment and facilities to 157 rural schools in 18 cities across the province, benefiting teachers and students. 50,000 people. The event was loved by rural primary schools everywhere.