Tujia Village, Tujia Village, Three Gorges Reservoir Area, f

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Zhongxin.com Hubei Zigui September 23rd (Guo Xiaoying to Hongmei Tanyi) cut rice, fish in troubled waters, and twisted the valley by hand... On September 23, Tujia Village in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area - Shizhu Village, Zigui County, Hubei Province, was filled with farming activities. The fun of the rustic, Qing Feng collection series activities opened in laughter.
Shizhu Village is the only ethnic minority village in Zigui County. In the past, due to its remote location, inconvenient transportation, information was blocked, and overall development was limited. "The road is basically on the road, the communication is basically relying on the shackles, looking at a mountain from a distance, looking at a mountain, going to the opposite mountain, asking it for three and a half days." This was a true portrayal of Shizhu Village.
In recent years, the village has continuously adjusted its industrial structure, tapped natural and human resources, improved infrastructure, built a tourist rapeseed base and rice base, developed tea and cold water rice planting industries, promoted the development of characteristic villages and rural tourism, and the rural landscape has undergone tremendous changes. Farmers’ income has grown steadily.
The alpine cold water rice base is the main venue for the day. In the middle of the field, the cold rice and wheat waves in the mountains are surging. The peasants wave their sickles to harvest the rice, relive the traditional work in the intense competition, and experience the fun of harvest, and laughter and laughter permeate the fields.
"This year is another bumper harvest year. The yield per mu can reach 400 kilograms, and the output value per mu exceeds 4,500 yuan." The head of Zigui Shengtianguan Group Travel Service Co., Ltd. introduced to Changshuang, the company invested in modern tea processing in Shizhu Village. The factory has planted cold water rice, and also built folklore farmhouse music. With the model of “cooperatives + farmers”, more than 2,000 farmers in four surrounding villages have embarked on the road of industrial development of agricultural tourism integration.
Shizhu Village is the epitome of the development of agricultural and rural development in Zigui County. Zigui County, located in the head of the Three Gorges Reservoir, is a mountainous agricultural county that integrates the old, the young, the border, the poor, the reservoir and the dam. The county takes the reform of the agricultural supply side as the main line, actively adjusts the agricultural production structure, and strives to break through the traditional agriculture. The model develops agricultural characteristic industries, agricultural leisure tourism, strengthens the leading role of agricultural leading enterprises, and injects new kinetic energy for farmers to increase their income and revitalize county economic development.
"We will make great efforts to fully implement the rural revitalization strategy, win the fight against poverty, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and make great efforts to stimulate the endogenous motivation of farmers to become rich and well-off. Strive to pay at the harvest of each harvest festival. Out of the 'bumper' answer." Lu Hui County Party Secretary Lu Hui said.