A large number of illegal immigration cases are reviewed.

     2019-11-13    views
BEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhuanet) According to the US "World News" reported on the 20th, the Trump administration is committed to reducing illegal immigrants smuggled from the US border, making the judiciary face a large number of illegal immigration review cases, resulting in a significant increase in the burden of judges. Among them, New Mexico is facing serious shortage of manpower.
William Johnson, a local magistrate in New Mexico from 2001, said: "The shortage of manpower, coupled with a large number of cases, the judicial system is unbearable." It is believed to be associated with neighboring Texas, Arizona and Compared to California, the New Mexico State legal agency is chronically understaffed.
In addition, federal magistrate Stephan M. Vidmar said that many immigrants only had two minutes before the judge to defend themselves, and even only had time to state their name and the defendant. In order not to let the judiciary overwork, they try to strike a balance between the number and efficiency of case review, but he also said that the lack of review time led to hasty decisions in some cases.
Court data from June 2020 to 2019 showed that the average number of felony cases in a single district court in New Mexico was about 983, while the national courts on average only had to pay 125. At the same time, the number of cases of immigration and light crimes reached 3,636 in 2019, and the first illegal entry generally belongs to this category. This situation has also led to delays in the review of cases of US nationals.
According to reports, in a lawsuit of the Land Administration, the judge canceled the emergency hearing of the case because he wanted to examine a large number of immigrants. The lawyer in the case also said: "In general, the court will not dismiss this. Urgent needs, the local court is understaffed, and we can only move the hearing to the federal court."