The age of members is 260 years old. The world's oldest jazz

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BEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- According to the Kyodo News Agency, the world's oldest band, the Japanese jazz trio "Golden Senior Trio", which is certified by the Guinness World Records, will hold its final concert in Osaka on the 27th. Then disbanded.
According to the report, the age of the members of the group is 260 years old, and the three said, "Although the dissolution is lonely, it will be played happily to the end."
According to reports, the band members are the three important figures who lead the Japanese Kansai jazz community, including Naoshima Naoya (93 years old) playing the vibraphone, Pianist Shan Hao (85 years old) and bassist Miyamoto Yusuke (82 years old). ). They set up the band in 2008 under the appeal of fans.
Daxie recalled, "We aim at Silver (the elderly), that is, Golden, and the name of the band also contains the meaning of not ruining skills." The band performed in various parts of Japan and produced CDs, etc., and received Guinness certification in 2015.
It is said that the dissolution is due to health reasons such as the poor legs of the island. Miyamoto said, "We want to disband when the body is not bad, and when we can perform handsomely (dissolve)", Pot Island also said, "Although there are still tracks that you want to interpret, sometimes you will feel hard, after all, it has exceeded 90 years old."
The band has been widely watched by jazz fans, and tickets for farewell performances have been sold out. According to reports, the three claimed to be "live for the first time" and each will continue to perform.