Turkey occupies a large number of residents displaced in the

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China news agency, Beijing, October 21 Comprehensive news: According to local media reports in Syria, the Turkish army and its supporters of the Syrian opposition armed forces occupied the border town of Ras Al Ain in the northeastern part of Syria on the 20th, resulting in the displacement of a large number of residents.
Ras Al Ain is part of the Hasakah province and is close to the Syrian border area. The Syrian Kurdish armed forces issued a statement on the same day that Kurdish soldiers had all evacuated from the area.
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Data Map: On October 9, the Turkish army launched a military operation in the northern part of the Syrian state of Hasake Province. The Turkish army launched an intensive shelling of the Syrian Democratic Army’s target led by the Syrian Kurdish forces in the city of Ras Al Ain, resulting in a local foundation. The facilities were damaged and a large number of people fled.
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, the Turkish army and its supporting Syrian opposition armed forces, during the siege of Ras Al Ain, shelled and airstrikeed residential areas and surrounding public facilities, resulting in hundreds of families forced to leave their homes.
According to the Anatolian News Agency of Turkey, after the Turkish-US 120-hour agreement to suspend military operations, although the Turkish side strictly abide by the agreement to establish a "safe area", the Kurdish armed forces have repeatedly launched attacks.
The Associated Press said that although the ceasefire agreement only required the withdrawal of Kurdish armed forces from the "safe area", the people also left the area because they feared that they would be attacked by Syrian-backed Syrian opposition.
Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous Regional Minister Rebar Ahmed said on the 20th that since Turkey began military operations in northern Syria, about 5,000 Syrian refugees have fled to the reservoir area. He called on the Iraqi government and the international community to provide shelter for these refugees. All aspects of assistance.
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On October 12, local time, it can be seen from the Turkish border that the Syrian town of Ras Al-Ann has exploded and smoked. Since the Turkish team launched a military operation against the Kurdish armed forces in northern Syria on the 9th, it has caused about 100,000 people to flee their homes.
On the 17th, the United States and Turkey announced an agreement to suspend a 120-hour military operation in northern Syria. The Turkish side will set up a "safety zone" about 32 kilometers deep along the Turkish-Syrian border, and the Kurdish armed forces will withdraw from the area. Turkish President Erdogan said that if the Kurdish armed forces did not completely withdraw from the "safe area" before the 22nd, he would restart the military operation.
The Associated Press analyzed that since the ceasefire agreement came into effect on the 17th, Turkey and the Kurdish armed forces still have sporadic clashes and accused each other of violating the agreement. The evacuation of the Kurdish armed forces from Ras Al Ain has promoted the ceasefire.
According to a report released by the US Defense Department on the 20th, about 1,000 US soldiers who have withdrawn from the northeastern part of Syria will be deployed to the western part of Iraq. They will mainly undertake the tasks of assisting Iraq in defending and continuing to fight against the "Islamic State."